Robbery is the taking of property from a person by force or threat of force.  It is the personal element that differentiates Robbery from Theft or Burglary, where the person need not be present or aware that the property is being taken.  Robbery is separated into two degrees:  First and Second Degree Robbery.

First Degree Robbery is a Class A Felony, and involves the use or possession of a firearm or deadly weapon – or what appears to be a firearm or deadly weapon – during the offense.  For a person with no felony history, a typical First Degree Robbery sentence would be 31-41 months in prison.  This can be dramatically increased if sentence enhancements apply.

Robbery in the Second Degree, a Class B Felony, is robbery without the weapon element required for Robbery in the First Degree.  This could be a purse snatching, where physical force is used or threatened, but no weapon is involved.  For a person with no criminal history, a typical Robbery 2 sentence would start at 3-9 months.

The descriptions above are intended only as general examples.  If you are charged with Robbery – or think you might be, contact an experienced felony robbery attorney immediately to schedule a consultation.