Snohomish County Seizure and Forfeiture

Did the government take your property?  Seizure occurs when, following an arrest or some contact with police, the government takes your property, serving you with a document called “Notice of Seizure and Intended Forfeiture.”  Forfeiture means the government acquires legal title to your property, and can use it or sell it.

This notice means you have limited time to: (1) contest the forfeiture; (2), demand a hearing; and, (3) petition to have your case removed to court.  Otherwise, the government will take your property without a hearing.

The two most popular police seizures are: (1) drug forfeitures; and, (2) property involved in a felony.  Drug forfeitures, typically initiated by the Snohomish Regional Drug Task force or a local Snohomish County Agency, means the government thinks your property was involved in a drug crime.  Seizure of property involved in a felony means simply that the government believes your property was employed in the commission of a felony.

Each of these statutes has distinct elements that the government must prove before forfeiting your property.  If you prevail and the court orders the government to return your property, you may be entitled to reasonable attorneys fees for defending your property rights.

If you have been served with a Notice of Seizure of Intended Forfeiture, time is of the essence.  Mr. Nagle is an experienced forfeiture attorney who has helped dozens of clients keep their property.  Give us a call if we can help.