DUI Dismissed!

After a motions hearing in Redmond last week, the Judge granted our motion to suppress all evidence following the stop of my client’s vehicle, finding that the officer lacked probable cause to stop.  The officer stopped the vehicle for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Washington law requires that a driver either change lanes or slow, if practicable, when passing an officer/trooper with lights activated on the side of the road.  In this case, the officer testified truthfully that the client was traveling under the posted speed limit and he could not remember the traffic conditions at the time my client passed him while he was impounding a vehicle.  The court found that the officer lacked probable cause to stop the vehicle and suppressed all evidence following the stop.  The prosecutor then moved to dismiss the DUI charge against my client.

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Hire an experienced trial lawyer to represent you. Attorney Brett S. Nagle is a former Deputy Prosecutor in the State of Washington. Mr. Nagle brings extensive experience in trying criminal cases and negotiating positive outcomes for his clients.
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