Drivers License (DUI / DOL)

Department of Licensing

Seven (7) day time limit:

If you are arrested for DUI in the state of Washington, you must request a DOL hearing within 7 days of your arrest. If you do not request the DOL hearing and pay the required fee within 7 days, the department of licensing will suspend your license. If you drive with a suspended license in the State of Washington, you are committing a separate crime which could subject you to up to a year in jail each time you drive without a valid license.

You should have been provided with a DOL Hearing Request Form at the time of your arrest. If you lost the form or were not given a copy, follow the link below:

DOL Hearing Request Form

Department of Licensing (DOL) penalties are separate from the criminal law consequences of your DUI arrest. DOL has sole discretion to regulate drivers licensing in Washington State. This means that the DOL can (and often does) suspend your license before the outcome of your criminal case.

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