Assault in the Third Degree

Assault in the Third Degree, a Class C felony, is usually charged when a certain category of victim is assaulted. So, even if there is little or no injury involved, the law deems it a felony to assault people performing certain public service jobs.  These include:

  • Police Officers
  • Jail staff
  • Nurses, doctors, health care providers
  • Bus drivers
  • Firefighters
  • Judges and court employees

Assault 3 can also be charged in situations of “criminal negligence” where a weapon is used.  This means even if you did not intend to hurt someone with a weapon, you could be charged with Assault 3.

For a person with no criminal history convicted of Assault 3, the standard sentence range begins at 1-3 months.  However, if the accused has previous felony convictions or a weapon was used, this sentence can increase dramatically.

If you are charged with Assault 3, or think you might be, contact an experienced felony assault attorney immediately to learn which sentence might apply to you and get specific advice about your case.