Assault in the First Degree

In Washington, Assault in the First Degree is a Class A felony, punishable by up to life in prison and a $50,000.00 fine.


A person is guilty of Assault in the First Degree if he or she:

(1) with intent to inflict great bodily harm; and,

(2) assaults another with a firearm, deadly weapon, or other force likely to produce great pokily harm or death; or,

(3) poisons someone; or,

(4) assaults another and inflicts great bodily harm.

Potential Punishment if Convicted:

The potential punishment for Assault in the First Degree varies greatly depending upon your felony history.  Known as “points” each juvenile or adult felony increases the standard range of you potential sentence.  If you have no felony history, the lightest sentence you can receive is ninety-three (93) months, which equates to almost eight (8) years in prison.  The maximum standard range sentence is three hundred and eighteen (318) months, or twenty-six and an half years in prison.

Deadly Weapon Enhancement:

Additionally, if a judge or jury finds that you committed First Degree Assault with a firearm or other deadly weapon, an additional 2-5 year sentence is added for a first offense.  This is known as Washington’s “Hard Time For Armed Crime” act.  Persons sentenced to firearm or deadly weapon enhancements are not eligible for a “good time” reduction on the enhancement portion of the sentence.

Three Strikes:

Assault in the first degree counts as a “strike” under Washington law.  This means if a person is convicted of two other serious felonies listed as strikes, the minimum punishment is life in prison without the possibility of parole.


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