Washington law separates Arson into two degrees.

First Degree Arson means knowingly and maliciously causing a fire or explosion that : (1) is manifestly dangerous to human life; (2), causes damage to a dwelling; (3), occurs in an occupied building; or, (4) causes $10,000.00 or more in damage with the intent to commit insurance proceeds.  Arson 1 is a Class A felony.  For a person with no criminal history, a standard range sentence would start at 21-27 months.  Sentence enhancements could increase the time served dramatically.

Second Degree Arson is knowingly and maliciously causing damage to a property, including buildings, vehicles, boats, docks, and a list of other examples.  Arson 2 is a Class B felony.  A first-time offender would generally face a standard range sentence of 3-9 months.  Again, applicable sentence enhancements can dramatically increase this sentence.

If you are charged with Arson, or think you are at risk, contact an experienced Snohomish County felony attorney immediately to discuss your specific case and evaluate your options.